Pura Vida Academy teaches with play-based activities and projects in both our tutoring, immersion classes and camps.

Tutoring for Spanish I,II,III,IV and AP for middle school and high school

Immersion classes for children 4-12

Benefits to learning another language include improved English and Math skills as well as an appreciation for cultural diversity.

For classes, tutoring and more information:  Call 757-218-6301  email or visit our website 


whimsies & what-nots
Art Classes & Camps

Join Artist Tracy Bond as she teaches kids to sculpt, paint & create art!  A former Elementary Art Teacher - Tracy Bond is a Williamsburg local favorite for classes and print gifts!

Art builds self confidence ~ Art encourages independent thinking ~
Art develops problem solving skills ~ Art enhances focus and concentration~
Art develops fine motor skills ~ Art develops language skills……………….
ART IS FUN!!!!!!!